About us

About us

The Mennonite Hospital Km 81 is a social charity, which belongs to a committee of churches (a union of 32 German-speaking Mennonite churches in Paraguay). The treatment and care of leprosy, tuberculosis and patients with HIV / AIDS is partially free. Other patients are encouraged to pay the cost of service. However, in many cases involve indigent patients in need of donations for treatment and care.

Mennonite Hospital Km 81 wants to be:

1. A way of saying ¨thank you¨ to God and the people of Paraguay;

2. A place where the love of neighbor is implemented;

3. A great opportunity to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ's love.

The hospital's total budget consists of contributions from churches, support for special projects of international organizations (DAHW, specifically for control work and education) and many donations.

We are open to accept donations for the treatment of patients with leprosy, tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS, and for other indigent patients (diabetes, pemphigus, piebot, etc.) and for the necessary equipment in the clinic and other hospital areas.
km81 - Asociación Evangélica Mennonita del Paraguay
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